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Would you like to have a good overview of the clothes you own, less stress getting dressed, and all of this with minimal daily effort? Then read on to learn about cleaning out your closet one sock at a time, by implementing just four simple habits.

Where to start?

Cleaning out can be overwhelming. How to decide what should go and what can stay?

Getting all of your clothes out of the cabinets and onto the bed in order to sort everything is a way to declutter your closet once and for all.

There is another, less time-consuming and less stressful way however, and below you will learn about 4 behaviours that will turn your chaotic combination of clothes into a well organised wardrobe.

1. Start small

Rome wasn’t build in a day and every journey starts with the first step, right? The thing with cliché’s is that they hold truth.

Sure, it would be awesome if somehow, magically that vast amount of sweaters, dresses, jeans etc. would be transformed into a complementary set of items that fit your closet perfectly.

However, the more clothes you own, the more time (and frustration) it will take to clean out once and for all. Therefor, start small.

  • Have a look at your socks: are there any in your drawer that have holes in them? Any ‘loners’, a pair that shrunk, or socks that you just don’t wear? Ask yourself: will I fix these and/or wear these (again)? If the answer is no, you know what to do!

2. Use ‘kaizen’ to get started and keep moving ahead with cleaning out your closet

Standing still is going backwards, so unless backwards is where you want to go, standing still is not an option.

It doesn’t matter how small the action you take is, as long as you are taking acton.

  • Break down the previous step in even smaller bits if needed: if you can’t decide on if you’re going to repair or wear socks, then at least throw out the partnerless socks. Unless you are Pippi Longstocking of course.

3. Group your items to create a cleaner closet

Minimizing a closet to a capsule wardrobe is not for everyone. When you enjoy a bit of choice in clothes but also wish to gain and keep an overview, grouping clothes is the way to go.

There are several options to group your items, just have a go with the suggestions below and choose what works best for you.

  • Group your clothes by item: sweaters with sweaters, jeans with jeans, skirts with … you get the point.
  • Match colours to group your clothing: turn your closet into an indoor, everlasting rainbow by hanging or folding your clothes starting with white, via yellow, to green, then blue, purple, red, orange, and all colours that you own in between.
  • Clothes can also be grouped by season: create a winter and summer wardrobe, or even add a fall/spring wardrobe to this. This obviously won’t work when you live in a country with a climate that can be classified as eternal spring (lucky you!). Otherwise it can prove to be a helpful organizing system.

4. When you clean out your closet, keep what you love and love what you keep

Undoubtedly you have heard the name of Marie Kondo before. According to the KonMari method, one of the key questions you should ask yourself when tidying up is “does it spark joy?” There’s no rocket science involved here, just go with your gut feeling.

In order not to get overwhelmed, be sure to start small – go even smaller if needed – and select a small group of items that you feel comfortable with to organize and de-clutter.

Of all the items that you brought together, you are going to ‘decide’ whether or not to keep it.

When you decided to not keep an item, consider to sell clothes online in order to avaoid waste and make some money at the same time.

For more tips on starting small, read Embracing a minimalist wardrobe, one item at a time.

  • Collect for example all your T-shirts out of drawers, closets, the coat rack, and the laundry basket. Regardless of any damage and whether or not you ever wear the item, answer the question “do I love this item?” Don’t rationalize, just pay attention to what you feel, and you will know whether to toss or keep the item.
  • When tossing, carefully decide if you might be able to sell the item rather than simply throw it away. Read more on this and thrive on thriftiness.

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8 thoughts on “Clean out your closet with 4 simple habits”

  1. Hi. Since seeing Marie Kondo on Netflix, I have a renewed interest in tidying up. Started fairly recently but feeling good seeing a dent in the pile of to do list 🤗. I do like the sorted method of color coding as you mentioned. Socks are my biggest stress in terms of clothes. Where does the other sock go?!?

  2. Hi Daisy, Marie Kondo is really inspiring isn’t she? I very much like how tidying up my home helps me to clear my head as well. And as to the disappearing ‘other’ socks, same mystery here 😉

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