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When you sell clothes online you hit two birds with one stone, or several actually. You will make money by selling stuff you don’t wear anymore, plus you clean out your closet at the same time!

In addition, selling clothes online means your clothing isn’t just thrown away, so less waste.

And the buyer has the advantage of paying less for a piece of clothing than when buying new stuff.

Lots of win-win situations therefor and that’s why I want to share a few tips so that you can successfully sell clothes online and make money.

Tip 1: make sure the clothes are in best condition

Sure you will probably want to sell a few items that are obviously worn before, but be sure to make them look their best.

Repair loose seams, find replacing buttons should a few be missing, or pamper the item with a dry cleaning session.

You wouldn’t want to buy an item that makes you sad when you see it so make sure that what you sell online looks good.

Tip 2: sell clothes online with amazing images

Since potential buyers will not be able to see the skirt, blouse or ankle boots you wish to sell, you need to take amazing pictures of these items.

It is best to choose or create a white or neutral background when you photograph the items you want to sell online.

Make sure to take pictures from various angles and at lat the very least include a picture from the front, the back and one of a detail.

When you
sell clothes online
you hit two birds with
one stone: you
make money by
selling and declutter
your closet
at the same time.

The more pictures, the more likely your item is going to sell.

Tip 3: write detailed and honest descriptions

The worst thing you can do is lie. When describing the piece of clothing you want to sell, be honest.

Missing button? Mention it. Minor signs of wear at hardware of bag? Definitely should be in the description.

To sell clothes online, potential buyers need to trust you and you build trust by putting effort in writing detailed and honest descriptions.

So these are my best tips to sell clothes online. I wish you lots of fun and especially success with making money and decluttering 😉

By the way, when you find it difficult to declutter your closet, be sure to read about embracing a minimalist wardrobe one item at a time.

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