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Saving money is something we all want to do. The trick is to save money without losing all the good things money can buy as well. Here are a few tips for saving money by engaging in free – or almost free – activities.

When you want to start saving money on activities, be ready to get creative and get started!

The more inventive you are, the more money you can save whilst at the same time enjoying yourself.

Save money by engaging in free activities

This is a no-brainer but still it is worth to mention: there are tons of activities organised that are absolutely free.

Look at local newspapers, announcements at store, the website of the town you live in and choose what seems like fun to you.

It can be an exhibition of paintings or photos, a wine or food tasting festival, a clothes swap event, a free pop-up movie theater in the park, or any other thing someone has come up with to organise.

When there is really nothing out there that you can engage in for free, perhaps you could start something up yourself?

Depending on what you would like to organise, you could check out if there are any subsidies available.

Save money by organising your own dinner parties

As easy and fun as it can be to go out for dinner, believe me when I say it is even more fun to see the money on your savings account grow.

Of course this does not mean you have to sit at home all day, being a hermit, watching the plants grow and feeling miserable.

Think of alternative ways to have fun and catch up with friends. You could start up a little ‘dinner club’ consisting of other people who want to save money but also enjoy having a meal together.

By alternating the cooking and making arrangements on money spent on ingredients, you will be able to enjoy ‘eating out’ in a cheap way.

Extra plus: cooking a great dinner for multiple people in a cheap and easy way will spark your creativity!

Save on snacks and lunches

A fun day at the beach or the park is a good way to spend some quality leisure time with family or friends.

Avoid the pavilions and instead bring a blanket, a few comfy cushions and a basket stuffed with home-made delicacies.

Also, leave the car at home and take the bike in order to save on gasoline. Provides you with free vitamin D at the same time.

Save on the gym

When you enjoy working out, a gym membership may seem like a good idea.

When you indeed use your membership and aren’t just sponsoring the club, this is absolutely fine and for me personally, it would be the last thing to save on (or at least that’s how I think about it at this point).

There are however ways to be active for free. Pick a sunny day and set out a route to cycle. Bring some snacks and a big bottle of water and on your way stop at things that seem interesting such as a church or a market.

When you’re not the cycling type or don’t have a bike, put on a pair of trainers and go hiking. Enjoy the scenery, being outdoors, and the fact that all of this doesn’t cost you a penny 🙂

Read more on the importance of planning to reach goals in this article.

Educate yourself for free

Learning new things keeps you active plus it can be really good fun to learn new things. The best part: you can learn stuff for free!


You can read books that have been standing at your bookshelf for years, or go to the library and read books there (you don’t even need a membership).

It’s also nice to read magazines at the library and this way get inspired without having to pay for a subscription.

Learn how to sew

When you closet could use an upgrade or when clothes need to be mended so they can be worn a bit longer, it’s handy when you know how to sew.

Perhaps you already have a sewing machine or maybe one of your acquaintances could lend you one?

Or perhaps you can find a sewing machine for a good price at a thrift store to get you started?

Either way, learning how to sew will pay off, is fun to do and really not that difficult.

There are heaps of free online video’s so sit down, start a free course and give your wardrobe an upgrade for hardly any money.

When you get really good at this you might even turn it into a side hustle by sewing clothes and accessories that you then sell online.

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