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If nothing goes right in your life, or when you feel as if nothing goes right – which comes down to the same thing – then you’re not in a happy place. So what can you do to take control again? I’m happy to share a few tips that can work.

As a starter I have a bonus tip for when nothing goes right: chocolate. Chocolate always delivers, but I never mentioned this so please forget it right away 😉

So I have experienced a period of time lately where nothing seems to be under my control.

Being a control freak, this naturally freaks me out.

And what do people do when they freak out? They don’t make the most sensible choices.

So it is important to avoid freaking out or at least have a minimum of these events. Here are my tips to gain back control. Get started!

Work on your health

Luckily in between the outbursts I managed to build a ‘workout regime’ that slowly but surely gave me back a sense of control.

By working out regularly I literally see my muscles growing (even though others may not see a thing).

I have also been able to increase the weight I can lift, the repetitions I can do, and the length of my training.

Even though at times it felt useless (especially in the beginning), simply sticking to working out twice a week is paying off.

I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve gone through a period where after work I really just wanted to lay on the couch and do a bit of crying at most.

Instead I have been able to cycle to the gym, work out and cycle back twice a week.

Now this may not seem like much but it really is! *Pats herself on the shoulder*

When you pull this off as well – and you will – you deserve a big pat and a hug as well!

Not only will you start to feel better and look better, you also have all the right in the world to be Proud with a capital P of yourself!

So take control and manage your time like a pro, because it is too valuable to waste it!

Take time off

When you feel stuck and nothing goes the way you want it to, don’t just keep running but create ‘off-time’ or – as I like to call it – ‘me-time’.

In these hours or on these days you don’t have to do a thing. Don’t worry about doing something ‘cool’ to tell your friends or co-workers when they ask you how your day off has been.

Do whatever you feel like doing, even if you think other people may think of it as dorky.

Doing something cool only to be able to talk about this is nothing more than creating a ‘reason’ for taking time off.

Here’s the thing is: you don’t need any reason for taking time off. You’re worth it, deserve it, and need it. End of sentence.

I believe in the awesome power of me-time, simply because it allows the mind to wander instead of constantly ‘organising’ whatever needs to be done that time of day.

The downside to me-time is that it can’t go on forever. This is also a plus though, as it can really grab your attention and have you think about the urgency of creating a different life for yourself.

When you are in the lucky position to take a sabbatical and go live in Thailand of India (or wherever you would like to go) then I’d say go for it!

When you aren’t this fortunate (yet), your me-time is a good time to figure out a plan that allows for a sabbatical at some point.

Saving more money in order to gain a stronger financial position and therefor the money to take a few months or even a year off is such a plan.

In order to save (more) money you may want to read my article on how being thrifty is going to help you on this path.

Another way might be to take time off of the life that does not seem right by exchanging your skills for accomodation. Workaway.info is just one online resource for this type of jobs worldwide.

I very much enjoy doing searches on this website and phantasizing what my life could look like if I would email that couple in France that are looking for a dogwalker…

Less life changing is to start meditating. It’s really not that hard, though in teh beginning it can feel a bit awkward.

Meditating is hell for perfectionists (guilty as charged) since trying to do it perfect is setting yourself up to fail right from the start.

When you can let go of perfectionism and ‘just be’ in the moment, meditating provides you with instant mini-me-retreats (I like that word I just made up 🙂 ) that are available to you at any time!

Turn off the noise

I tell this time and again to people who complain about feeling down, stressed, or ‘lived by others’: turn off the noise!


I notice people look at me as if they doubt my mental sanity when the only thing I suggest is to turn off their phone for an hour or two, or at least the volume of it!

Seriously, what is so radical about shutting off the digital noise every now and then?

There was a time (“once upon a time …”) when it was completely normal that you could only be reached by phone when you were actually at a place where there was a landline.

And for the first half of my life, internet just didn’t exist, nor did email, WhatsApp, and social media.

The ability to leave a voice message was about as high tech as it got in those days.

Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy being online, being able to create a website, being able to source all sorts of information that just a few decades ago was only available in the library.

But I also think internet – and technology as a whole – should work for us, not against us.

The moment technology takes up your time – and this is the sad reality for many people I’m afraid – it defies its purpose.

So give it a try, do a digital detox and use all the time that becomes available to take on a new hobby, start working out, or cook a delicious dinner for friends.

I hope you picked up one or two ideas from this post. Let me know in the comments what works best for you in times of (di)stress.

And by all means do have a piece of chocolat if it helps (spoiler alert: it does!) 😛

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