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Less items that surround you equals less stuff to worry about. With less items you have more time to focus on what’s really important, so why not remove a few items from your home and increase your living space.

When you want to get started with downsizing the amount of items you own, here’s a helpful list to give you some ideas:

  1. any shoes and clothes that are worn out
  2. make-up beyond expiration date
  3. clothes that don’t fit
  4. spare buttons
  5. jewelry you don’t wear
  6. shoes you don’t wear
  7. old toothbrushes
  8. hair elastics without stretch
  9. old blankets and towels
  10. dishes that are extra
  11. glasses that are extra
  12. cutlery that is extra
  13. DVDs and CDs you don’t watch/play
  14. old mobile phones
  15. cookware that is extra
  • 16. old postcards
    17. empty bottles
    18. extra tupperware boxes/lids
    19. broken electronics
    20. magazines you won’t read (again)
    21. cookbooks you don’t use
    22. books you haven’t read yet
    23. books you have read yet
    24. old coupons
    25. dead batteries
    26. take out menus
    27. old pillows
    28. gifts you don’t like
    29. paper manuals
    30. anything that is rusty (unless it’s supposed to be)

When you can sell any of these items, awesome! Otherwise, plan a trip to your local thrift store and environmentally-friendly discard of what can’t be sold or donated to charity.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash
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3 thoughts on “30 items you can remove from your life today”

  1. Hi Jo,

    While I was reading your post, I was thinking of my own situation about 2 years ago.
    Back then I was living in a 3 bedroom family home all by myself and was planning on renting a room.

    As you can imagine, I had a lot of stuff. Stuff I haven’t looked at or used of multiple years. And before I moved, I gave almost everything away and now I only own a couple of things that I do need and I must admit, besides the fact that I’ve got rid of a lot of things that I kept over the years. It also clears my mind.

    Makes you think of why people collect so many things, right?

    1. Hi Chris, it sure does! I think it creates some sort of false sense of security, whereas once you experience life goes on without all excess stuff, there’s no way you would want to return to a home full of clutter. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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