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To make the most of your time off in the weekend, here are a few easy Saturday recipes for tortilla wraps. The basis for all are flour tortillas, home-made of course.

Whenever I have ‘nothing’ in stock, it turns out I’m able to create meals that are quite tasty.

They’re also convenient, cheap and even healthy. So stay tuned to get inspired and feel free to give your own spin to the ideas below.

Easy Saturday tortilla recipe

So the basis for the meal ideas below is the same for all of them: real easy home-made tortillas.

There are only a few ingredients needed to make these delicious and versatile tortillas.

One of the best things is that these are completely free of any conservatives, artificial flavourings, and sugar!

List of ingredients for 6-8 tortillas

  • 250 gram of all purpose flour
  • 1teaspoon of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons of (neutral olive) oil
  • a pinch of salt
  • 200 ml of warm water

Now all you need to do is whisk the dry ingredients together. Then add in the oil and mix together with your fingers.

Once mixed until a sort of ‘crumbly’ state, add 150 ml of water and mix until the dough starts coming together.

Add a bit of water if needed, and add flour should the dough become too wet.

Once is mixed well, put the dough on a floured surface and knead until it becomes elastic.

Add some flour should it still be too wet and really put all your anger and frustration into the kneading.

Or even slap the dough on the surface every now and then – this part is really therapeutic! 🙂

When you still feel frustration after this, read this article for some tips to avoid freaking out:

Divide the dough into 6 to 8 pieces of the same size and give them some rest underneath a damp tea towel for about 15 minutes.

Next: roll each piece into a smooth ball and then – using a floured rolling pin – roll the ball into a tortilla.

Make sure to flip tortillas regularly in between the rolling to keep them from sticking to the surface.

Once the tortilla has reached the right size, put in on a plate and continue with the next one.

When all tortillas have been rolled out, preheat a large skillet over medium heat.

Once heated, place one tortilla into the skillet. Leave it until the dough starts to bubble and the colour changes from pale to golden.

Then flip the tortilla and cook the other side. You can best place the tortillas under a damp tea towel to keep them moist, or store in a large scale with lid.

Now let’s wrap things up!

Now that you have made yourself a little stack of tortillas, it is time to add a filling and roll it up into a wrap!


There are as many possible fillings for a wrap as there are people in the world.

Okay maybe not as many but still you can get really creative with tortillawraps and they are great for using leftovers.

Wraps can be eaten at any time of day and every now and then I treat myself to a wrap as an easy and cheap breakfast.

Be sure to make a few extra tortillas once you start kneading and rolling so you have some in stock which is great meal prepping practice 🙂

Here are a few of my favourites to get you going in creating your own cheap and easy tortilla wraps.

Spinach and goat’s cheese

For this filling you only need spinach leaves, fresh goat’s cheese and a drizzle of some drezzing* to jazz things up 😉

*use the one from the Ceasar-de-luxe below f.e.

Optionally you can add some sundried tomato and/or a few pieces of apple plus a few chopped up walnuts.

Chicken and nectarine

Spread some cream cheese onto a tortilla, add lettuce and/or cucumber (or spinach!), some grilled chicken and slices of nectarine.

Roast beef

By combining roast beef, crème Fraîche, lettuce and some sliced up bell pepper you create a really delicious meal.


Slice up a boiled egg, add some grilled chicken, crispy lettuce and a bit of parmesan.

Then for the (not so) secret dressing: whisk half a table spoon of olive oil, half a table spoon of lemon juice, a pinch of salt & pepper and a pinch of Dijon mustard.


For this wrap you can use some leftover grilled veggies. Put these onto the tortilla together with some pesto, mozzarella and optional a handful of rocket.

Egg and asparagus

Now this must be my favourite, just be aware asparagus are not the cheapest of foods when you buy the fresh ones.

To make these delicious wraps, make scrambled egg and roll this into a tortilla together with a bunch of cleaned and cooked green asparagus and a pinch of pepper.

Fruity tuna

Last but not least, when you have a can of tuna, or some tuna leftover, then first spread some mayonaise onto a tortilla.

Add tuna, some corn if you have it, a few slices of apple, optional some cucumber, and top it off with lettuce.

And that’s a wrap folks! 😛

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    1. Hi Claire, I recommend giving it a try, it’s super easy and much more tasteful than the ones you buy in the supermarket. Enjoy! 😛

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